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The Praxisklinik

The Praxisklinik at Johannisplatz, Leipzig, is an out-patient clinic of specialist medical practitioners located in the centre of Leipzig. It brings together the expertise of more than 80 doctors from many different fields, forming a close network in our building, but organised as independent practices.

Medical Competence for Leipzig

Practice in the Praxisklinik
Practice in the Praxisklinik

At the Praxisklinik at Johannisplatz, each patient receives the expert medical care they require – both for diagnosis and therapy as well as for preventive health measures. The doctors at the Praxisklinik have a good reputation, and not only in Leipzig and the surrounding area: patients from other parts of Germany or abroad also trust the medical expertise of the doctors treating them here.

The Praxisklinik's network of specialists makes integrative treatment possible, spanning different fields and sectors. Great importance is placed on working with general practitioners and specialists in private practices and hospitals. This allows diagnostic and therapeutic programmes to be coordinated and organised in close cooperation.

For our patients, this has the great advantage that multi-stage treatment processes can be followed without a lot of travel or difficult scheduling.


The Praxisklinik at Johannisplatz opened in 2001 as an interdisciplinary out-patient clinic of specialist medical practitioners. The medical and architectural concepts were drawn up in 1996/97 on the initiative of doctors Christiane Volkheimer and Susanne Schenk, who were then practicing in Leipzig. They then had their concepts developed to the point of applying for planning permission. Subsequently, the complex was built in two stages of construction by a private investor, Weishaupt Immobilien GbR, on the Johannisplatz site formerly belonging to the municipality.

The first practices began working at the end of 2001. The original space was first extended in 2005. This expansion section was completed in the spring of 2006, with the tenants moving into their new practices later the same year. A free-standing building was then added inside the Praxisklinik's courtyard during a third stage of building in 2014. As a result, the total area of the Praxisklinik at Johannisplatz increased to 13,362 m² of useful space. We now have more than 80 doctors from different fields and specialist areas working in our clinic.

Praxisklinik at Johannisplatz
Praxisklinik at Johannisplatz



Johannisplatz is located in the immediate vicinity of Leipzig's inner ring road and Augustusplatz. The city centre can be reached quickly on foot and by bicycle. Access by public transport is excellent. There are also 183 parking spaces for our patients and customers, most of which are in the building's underground car park.

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The architecture and high construction quality were designed for sustainability from the very beginning. The flexible division of the practice areas allows optimal sizes for each practice. The building is designed to provide doctors, staff and service providers with optimal working conditions, and to create an environment in which the patients feel comfortable too.


Praxisklinik am Johannisplatz Leipzig