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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  New building site on the Praxisklinik premises

See New building site (in German) for important changes and information arising from the construction work around the Praxisklinik.

Information about the construction work

Access and Parking

Public transport

Access by public transport is excellent, and the city centre can be reached quickly even on foot.

The nearest stops are:

  • Tram and bus stop Johannisplatz: tram lines 4, 7, 12 and 15 | Bus 690
  • Tram stop Augustusplatz (about 150 m walk): tram lines 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16
  • Leipzig main railway station (about 900 m walk): can be reached on foot or with tram lines 4, 7, 12 or 15 from Johannisplatz. Local and long-distance trains.

Information subject to change – please refer to the latest updates and construction work by the LVB.

Timetables and journey planners

Plan your return journey to the Praxisklinik flexibly with the mobile journey planners: – timetable information and travel updates from the Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB) – timetable information for the entire Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund (MDV) – mobility app from the LVB for bus & rail, carsharing, bikesharing, taxis

You can park your car in the Praxisklinik's underground car park.

[Regular price: 3 EUR per hour // reduced price for patients and visitors of the Praxisklinik: 1 EUR for the first hour, 0.50 EUR for each additional hour or part thereof]

The underground parking garage can be reached via Querstraße, the address for the navigation system is: Querstraße 12, 04103 Leipzig.

You will find further parking facilities in the immediate vicinity of the Praxisklinik on Johannisplatz:

  • Indoor car park "Das lebendige Haus" — access via Querstraße
    [15 min free of charge, 2.20 EUR per hour, 18 EUR per day]
  • Parking garage in the "Großer Brockhaus" complex — access via Großer Brockhaus
    [3 EUR per hour, 22 EUR per day]

The outdoor car park of the Praxisklinik on Johannisplatz has been permanently closed since January 2024.

Please note that rate reductions are only available for tenants, patients and visitors of the Praxisklinik am Johannisplatz in the underground car park — these do not apply to other car parks and parking spaces!

Information without guarantee; please note the current prices of the parking garage providers.

No, but Praxisklinik patients and visitors park at reduced prices:

  • 1 EUR/hour for the first hour
  • 0.50 EUR/hour for each additional hour or part thereof

Bicycle parking for 78 bicycles is currently provided in the following locations at the Praxisklinik:

  • Johannisplatz: in front of the Grassi pharmacy
  • Querstrasse: in front of the Bistro, in front of Lisker Hörgeräte, next to the entryway to our courtyard (ambulance entrance), next to the entrance to the underground car park
  • In the courtyard of the Praxisklinik: in front of stairwell C and stairwell D



There is no taxi stand or taxi rank at the Praxisklinik.

In the Praxisklinik, however, there is Top Taxi International, a taxi and limousine service which also provides patient transport services, including invoicing to your health insurance (tel. +49 341 3338333).

Before leaving the practice or shop you visited in our building, ask a member of staff there to add an additional barcode to your parking ticket. Otherwise, you will not be able to take advantage of the reduced price for patients and customers. After paying the parking fee at one of the payment machines, you have 15 minutes to leave the underground car park. After that period, the barrier will not open, and you will be prompted on the display to pay an additional fee.

If your ticket is lost or damaged, you will need a replacement ticket in order to leave the underground car park.

You can get one from any of the payment machines by using the “Ersatzkarte” function (“replacement ticket”). For a payment of 10 EUR, you receive a replacement ticket valid for the same 15-minute period as a normal ticket.

Contact and Appointments

The Praxisklinik does not have a central telephone number, from which you can be transferred to the separate practices. Appointments for consultations can only be arranged with each practice directly, for organisational and privacy reasons. The same applies to all other medical enquiries. Please ring the practice in question directly. Emails should also be sent directly to each practice. You can find the contact details for each practice in the practice index under “Specialists & Practices”.
You can find the contact details for each practice in the practice index under “Specialists & Practices”.
For information regarding conferences and other events at the Praxisklinik at Johannisplatz, please contact Crossi Event.

Finding a Practice / Our Routing System

A basic guide to the Praxisklinik is provided by the informative map on the home page. The information and routing system deployed in the Praxisklinik enables patients, doctors, staff, visitors and delivery companies to find each practice quickly and easily, as well as the other areas within the building complex.

In our practice index you can find practices and doctors quickly and easily.

The four colours in the routing system indicate the different stairwells in the Praxisklinik, making it easier to find your way around the building. You will find these colours on the directories and signs in the Praxisklinik, and also on the signs of the practices themselves. The colour indicates the stairwell from which the practice can be reached. Red: stairwell A Blue: stairwell C Yellow: stairwell D Green: courtyard building (stairwell F)   We have used these colours on the website as well. Here too, they indicate the location of the individual practices or service providers within the Praxisklinik.
Our practice index under Specialists & Practices gives you an overview of all the specialist areas represented in the Praxisklinik.
The Praxisklinik is an out-patient clinic of specialist medical practitioners, so there is no department for accidents or emergencies. Under In case of emergency you can find information and numbers to call in the event of emergencies.

Practical Information

All practices at the Praxisklinik are fully accessible. There are lifts in each stairwell. For professional patient transport, there is also a bed lift with covered access.

Yes. There are two public lavatories on the ground floor of the Praxisklinik, which can be used by inserting a 50 cent coin.

Yes. Accessible lavatories for disabled people can be found:

  • On the ground floor of the courtyard building
  • On the ground floor at the exit to the courtyard entryway
  • On the 5th floor above ground (accessible via the lifts in stairwells C and D)

The lavatories are fitted with the standard European locking system for facilities for disabled people, and can be opened with a Euro Key.